Movies by psy artist Michel Gingras …(read interview with the artist)


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Unique movies by the artist Brummbaer… ( read interview with the artist)


Fractal inner worlds clips by artist BiB…(read interview with the artist)


Vj videos by Ken Scott…(read interview with ken)



if you like fractal art this one is definitely one of the best out there. freaky sounds that fits perfectly to this powerful explosion of erupting colors…

amazing  journey in another dimension that reveal worlds within worlds in fantastic lost city…

this one is true beauty…

Trip to center of hybrid fractal

[jwplayer config="1" mediaid="843"]

Deeper Zoom Into Fractal Worlds  

facing the harsh truth…this is an upgraded scene from the  movie ‘blueberry’……it is the best version out of a few for this ayahuasca hardcore trip I’ve got across with… might be a spoiler…

This clip collection was put together after a long and deep web research.  those are the best of the best we could find so far, made by super talented artists…so put off the lights, challenge your stereo,rise up your legs high and get ready to dive into this psychedelic mind-blowing visuals….


  1. timo says:

    killer movies…

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